Here at Vacation Home Builders we operate under a simple idea.  We build homes as if we were going to live in them. this is such a simple philosophy but a very powerful one as well.  We build well designed homes that capture the exterior views while sheltering your family from the elements.  Vacation Home Builders has been building homes for many years and our firm was originally considered a tree huger before the green movement became popular.

As such we know the difference between good construction techniques and materials and the fads that come and go.  Each of our homes at the core has a over designed foundation insuring your family will have a home for years to come.  On this we strive to site the  home in such a way that it clearly establishes your views, protects your neighbors views and insures that window and room placement are in the correct areas of the home.

To this basic design we then add space planning insuring that rooms are not to large and not to small, that they fit the lifestyle of your family, and that they are efficient with minimal wasted space.

Next we add quality materials with foam insulation insuring an air tight seal on the home. we use low ea glass in vinyl frames and then put in two stage compressors with seer 14 to 16 and variable speed air handlers as well as automatic dehumidification to inure your home is health and dry. a byproduct of this attention to detail is that our homes are easier to cool nd general run less than one half of to conventionally built homes bills for heating and cooling.

We build around Lake Livingston and Houston Texas, and both design and oversee projects in several states.

we look forward to working with you on a custom home design and build in the future.