Beginning the Journey

Building a Custom home together can be one of the most rewarding experiences of life and truly means that you are in control of the process.  The first step in this journey is to come into our offices and sit down with us so that we can listen to you describe your vision, your dreams, and your budgets.  We are far more than order takers, and more than just custom builders, we pride ourselves on turning problems into opportunities Present us with your challenges and let us figure them out with you.

Initial Consultation

When you join us to discuss you ideas, we will start by asking you to bring along any plans, photos, napkins drawings, t pages from your favorite magazines, and photos of places you want to emulate.  We will give you a Design book that has many rooms predefined in it and as that you insert your current collection and then add as much as possible to this design book.  This gives our staff a real insight into what you are looking for and what types of details attract you.  In this book it’s important that you put in what you like and why.  This design process is a partnership, and you will have HOME work to do. This is the best way to describe what you want in your new home. 

We will show you examples of our past and current work introduce members of our team and offer suggestions to help you with key elements of your project including design, budget, timing and finance options.

What is Provided

Working through Von Schmidt Design Group we will provide you with complete designs including all required plan sheets and we will coordinate soils, foundation, structural engineering services.  Alternatively, if you are already working with your own architect, we are happy to work in conjunction with both of you to maximize the quality of your plans while controlling construction details from the beginning, thus maximizing your cost saving options.


The Process

The process of designing your new home begins with three simple steps.

The first is our initial meeting where we assess your needs, the scope of work to be done, the budget, and if our firm is a good fit for you and of course vice versa.  At the conclusion of this meeting if you are interested in proceeding we will provide you with a Home Design Guide.

After you have reviewed the design guide and started to populate it we will sign a Design Contract.  The Letter Agreement states our intention to do business together and outlines the basic scope and range of cost for your home.  The Design Contract engages the services of our architectural staff.

Third upon design completion, we provide a Lump-Sum Proposal, complete with a detailed set of specifications and allowances and we will sign a Residential Construction Contract.  From there we are ready to begin construction.

If you already have architectural and engineering plans including specifications, we provide the Lump Sum Proposal, sign the Residential Construction Contract and begin.


From Design to Construction

Finally all the pre planning is done, the selections have been made, the site is ready permits are in place and the day of pre construction has begun.  Our staff from here will meet with you on a "Pre-Construction Meeting" where you are given a complete overview of the building process, daily you will receive text and mail updates, with photos of significant progress.  It’s our way of letting you be on site even when you live in another country. We schedule “Monthly Meetings" on-site with your project manager to discuss any questions or decisions necessary, throughout the process I am sure you will appreciate the Vacation Home Builders attention to detail and open lines of communication. We build as if it’s our own home, simple solution with quality.


Our Commiment

Our lines of communication reach beyond the day you close on your new home, you see I believe that it’s my name on your home as well as yours so together we need to work to insure that your home is properly maintained, updated, and you are fully supported.  In addition to our 10-year structural warranty, and detailed performance standards, we offer, in writing, a  full one-year workmanship warranty, 2 year systems warranty, and full manufacturer warranty support.


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