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Cedar Point Waterfront Community

Recalling simpler times, not so many generations back Cedar Point is a community under redevelopment, an old community with a modern influence offering great real estate values and new homes to meet your needs.

A community which will offer a more relaxed approach to life, a treasured retreat from the mad pace of getting and spending. The local store will remind you to get a quart of milk, the old barber shop is in town and so are the Cafe and more modern dining establishments. Faces become familiar quickly insuring that here you are no longer a stranger.

In beginning the design process we at Vacation Home Builders understand that there are many issues to deal with however our vision is clear, we are determined to get back to the basics and return to a more sociable and congenial way of life.   The community is well established with an active population making Cedar Point a city unto itself.

Reffecting an organic connection to the climate and the casual way of life long associated with East Texas or Florida Lake Living, the architecture of Cedar Point and the Peninsula will recall the unpretentious cottages and homes that first drew people to these shores for summer holidays.

As in the old days, buildings are raised off the ground to encourage airflow, with deep overhangs to provide shade- basics that still make sense in this modern world. Screened porches offer sheltered outdoor living rooms.  Simplicity and a sense of easy living rule, with the clap of screen doors announcing the comings and goings of children, and the clatter of raindrops overhead to set the tempo for a lazy afternoon.

The building language and the community as a whole will draw upon this indigenous style but will be updated with a chic, modern appeal and modern construction techniques providing beauty and energy savings for generations to come.

Come build your Children's Memories with us.